Top to-do list apps for Android users

These days, staying organized no longer involves pen and paper. It’s done electronically through your smartphone, with an endless array of apps to help. Android users, here’s a quick list of to-do apps that you can download and use.

Google Tasks: This app is minimalist yet well-designed, and it gets the job done with the ability to create tasks, make a description for each, and then add subtasks. These come across as items in a bulleted list, where you can mark every subtask complete once you’re done with it. Gmail users can see an overview of Tasks on the right edge.

Todoist: Harnessing Material Design to deliver an intuitive, easy-to-navigate UI, this app offers a good range of options for your tasks. Separate those lists per project and use filters to see only the lists you need instant access to. It also features a calendar that provides a view of your tasks for the upcoming week, along with a daily tab.

Microsoft To-Do: This one’s likely to replace Wunderlist, and the good news is the same team that worked on the latter is producing it. Expect features such as recurring tasks, notes, smart suggestions, as well as cross-platform support with Windows 10. There’s also the recently added task sharing with other users.

Evernote: It’s the superstar of note-taking for Android, supporting multiple methods of taking notes and reminders, including full lists, photos, and voice memos. You can even add video and attach Word documents or PDFs to your lists, making it a one-stop for the organizing diva in you.

Asana: This business-oriented to-do-app is ideal for groups of people, featuring task categories, different sorting and tagging options, and endless ways of adding information to tasks. Each task also comes with its own comment thread for communication purposes.

James P. DeVellis is an IT consultant. On most days, he gets to test and try programs, platforms, and gadgets before they are presented to the public. Ever since he was young, he has always been a tech enthusiast. For similar reads, click here.