What’s it like outside? The best weather apps available

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Last month, most of the United States experience quite a winter, with the polar vortex hammering temperatures down to record lows. Because of this, I thought it interesting to look up a few weather apps to help people who have plans to go and stay outdoors.

Here are some of the best weather apps that are James P. DeVellis-approved.

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a weather app as highly-rated as OneLouder’s 1Weather. It’s hourly (and daily) forecasts are incredibly helpful, especially for people who’ve already gone outside. Navigating the app is a pleasant experience, plus it has widgets! Who doesn’t love widgets?


It’s only natural that a weather site as popular as Accuweather.com would come out with its own app. The Accuweather app is extremely dependable as all its information comes from the main site. It has radar and Android Wear support, and can also predict weather by the minute.

Carrot Weather

While not quite as established as the first two apps on this list, Carrot Weather is one entertaining weather app. There are quotes both witty and sarcastic that accompany its forecasts. It has widgets where a user can read up to 70 years-worth of weather history, as well as huge changes in global weather.

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