Tech Talk: Kooky IoT devices and their uses

Devices connecting to the internet nowadays are a dime a dozen. We’ve seen technological advances that can help people live lives more comfortably in the form of smart thermostats, smart home security systems, and voice assistants that can control other devices at home. However, due to this booming industry of IoT devices, some creators have gone a bit overboard with the idea, creating IoT devices that have very peculiar uses. Here are some kooky IoT devices and the functions they serve.

Smart water bottles
Manufacturers of HidrateSpark have created a water bottle that glows whenever it wants to remind its user to hydrate. With this device, users are supposed to never feel thirsty given the constant reminders to drink water. The device also tells you how much water is left in your bottle.

Egg caddy
This egg caddy called Egg Minder is a device you put in your fridge. It tells you how many eggs you have left and how fresh they still are. For someone who does groceries on a regular basis, this device might seem too much. Though the idea of never cracking a bad egg is always welcome.

Smart condoms
i.Con is the world’s first smart condom. It basically measures a man’s performance in bed and sends results straight to your phone. Perhaps some people like to see the numbers in order to help improve themselves.

IoT Shutters
Shuttereaze promises that users need not go near window shutters just to close or open them. The idea of installing this product may seem absurd as one could easily adjust their blinders in less than 5 seconds.

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