IT and sports series: Smartphones and cycling

Throughout the years, technology has become more and more prominent in sports. Whether in training and preparation or in the competition itself, technology has helped in legitimizing sports and making many aspects of games more accurate. For the everyday man who loves to exercise, tech has also always been a huge partner. From wrist watches that calculate one’s heartbeat to the latest Nike sneaker with state-of-the-art foam, tech makes everything in sports better.

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Today, cyclists have had quite the boost due to tech. If you’re into cycling and you choose the right smartphone app for you, your experience may never be the same. On that note, here are some of the cycling apps we recommend for you.

1.Strava is an app that constantly records the rides and other relative data. Features include set segments and leaderboards.

2.Cyclemaps can help in showing best routes and rest spots.

3.Map My Ride can record the route, average speed, and can compare your stats to those of other Map My Ride users.

4.ViewRanger allows sharing of routes to other users globally.

5.My Virtual Mission sets goals for you to hit.

6.Endomondo helps you remember your progress by logging stats. It’s also programmed to be a virtual coach.

7.Garmin Connect is useful as it notifies riders of weather and road conditions.


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