The future of cloud storage and security

I’m James P DeVellis and I’m a huge fan of new technology. One of the things that came out in the past decade that I found most impressive is cloud technology. I thought servers were great when they first came out. I mean, to be able to hold that much data in a limited space? However, clouds are just flat out innovative.

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And they’re still continuing to evolve.

Today, cloud services providers have upped the ante on keeping files secure. Cloud hacks have been highly publicized in the past and for potential clients to use clouds, they need to feel that their files are safe from the grimy fingers of cybercriminals. Several cloud services providers have incorporated several measures that allow them to be directly in control of cloud security.

I’ve also read up on how cloud security will be fully automated, taking the burden off potential cloud users, or at least giving them a choice (and peace of mind).

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Also to keep cloud storage spaces safe, cloud service providers have developed protocols to counter cyberattacks such as crypto-mining and DoS (denial of service) attacks. And as time passes, more security options will be available to customers.

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