Make the most out of your Spotify streaming with these tricks

Spotify is probably my favorite music streaming service.  It’s easy to navigate, and it allows me to explore the discography of my favorite artists.  If you love streaming your music through the platform all day, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to discover these tricks:

Create a folder for your playlists

I usually use Spotify on my desktop computer when I’m in the office to conserve my phone’s battery.  Since I have more than 20 playlists (a lot, I know!), I was pleased to learn that I can make folders that will make my feed more organized.  To do this, just go to the file tab and click on “New Playlist Folder.”  These days I have a folder for my playlists in each genre.  Sounds neat, huh?

Follow your Discover Weekly playlist

The Spotify bots follow your listening preferences and craft a weekly playlist of stuff you might like.  The Discover Weekly playlist contains 30 songs that you might want to save.  Before you lose any of your potential favorites, right-click and follow the playlist, so you don’t have to find it on your Homepage.

Share your favorite song on Instagram Stories

Music can sometimes make our days better.  If you want to share with others the track that you’ve been enjoying, you can now share them on Instagram Stories.  Gone are the days of screenshots.  On your phone or tablet, click the three dots on top of the track page, look for the Share option and choose Instagram Stories.  What’s so great about this is that your friends can follow your suggestion and play the track from their own devices.

Recover a deleted playlist

Want to restore a playlist that you’ve wrongfully deleted from your feed?  No worries.  Go to the Account Settings tab on your browser and look for the Recover Playlists tab. It’s that easy.

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