The future of cloud storage and security

I’m James P DeVellis and I’m a huge fan of new technology. One of the things that came out in the past decade that I found most impressive is cloud technology. I thought servers were great when they first came out. I mean, to be able to hold that much data in a limited space? However, clouds are just flat out innovative.

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And they’re still continuing to evolve.

Today, cloud services providers have upped the ante on keeping files secure. Cloud hacks have been highly publicized in the past and for potential clients to use clouds, they need to feel that their files are safe from the grimy fingers of cybercriminals. Several cloud services providers have incorporated several measures that allow them to be directly in control of cloud security.

I’ve also read up on how cloud security will be fully automated, taking the burden off potential cloud users, or at least giving them a choice (and peace of mind).

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Also to keep cloud storage spaces safe, cloud service providers have developed protocols to counter cyberattacks such as crypto-mining and DoS (denial of service) attacks. And as time passes, more security options will be available to customers.

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Wearable speakers: Is this the future?

Wearable speakers James P. DeVellis
A lot of manufacturers have been trying to perfect earphone and headphone technology in terms of wearability, comfort, audio quality, and price point. But in terms of private listening, manufacturers are looking into a new audio experience for consumers. Wearable speakers are still considered niche products, but more manufacturers are coming up with their version. James P. DeVellis.

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Wearable speakers were first made to augment television audio. The most common design for wearable speakers is the neck pillow type. These speakers have upward-firing speakers that blast music directly into a person’s ears. This makes for a unique audio experience. For the person wearing the unit, it may sound very loud. But a few meters away from the unit and the audio is hardly heard. James P. DeVellis.

The only way to describe how they work is by imagining having a pair of small Bluetooth speakers attached to your shoulders aiming at your ears. The sensation is totally new given the location of the audio source. James P. DeVellis

This piece of technology is great for listening to music at home or at the office if you have a room to yourself. Never will you miss a knock on the door or a phone ringing. It’s also good for a bit of outdoor activities such as biking or walking.

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They are mostly built with robust components that can last a long time but are also comfortable to wear. This easily replaces headphones which can cause certain ear pain after extended use. Some designs are also small enough that they fit in nicely with a shirt or even a hoodie. James P. DeVellis.

Some brands who have come up with great wearable speakers include JBL, Bose, Sony, and LG. The prices vary from somewhat affordable at over $100 to $300. However, $300 can already get you a good pair of Bluetooth headphones so be sure to check if a wearable is indeed what you need. James P. DeVellis

Foldable smartphones: Are we ready for them?

Foldable Phones James P. DeVellis
A lot of tech news in the past few months covered foldable phones, the ones that have been showcased by Huawei and Samsung, as well as concept renders by other developers like Motorola. While they may look good in showrooms and the review tables of notable online influencers, are they ready for let’s say the everyday people of Oregon or Portland? The answer is no. James P. DeVellis.

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There are a lot of things to consider as to how viable these new smartphones before they deserve to be in everyone’s pockets. And one of the most pressing issues people have actually have to do with their pockets. These foldable phones are going to be larger and thicker compared to today’s regular smartphone models. James P. DeVellis

Another thing we have to consider is the price point. Samsung priced the Galaxy Fold close to $2,000. Surely a phone with that price tag isn’t for everyone. But if mid-tier manufacturers were to replicate the technology, would they be able to recreate a foldable phone for less than $500? That is highly unlikely. James P. DeVellis.

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Next, we have to look at these units as a piece of hardware. Folding phones means moving parts. The more complex they are, the easier for them to malfunction and the more difficult they are to repair. This is why manufacturers such as Samsung boast the longevity of their Samsung Fold and their 200,000 fold test. James P. DeVellis.

Lastly, there’s the user experience. Clearly, this is more for the app developers and web content creators rather than consumers. The proliferation of foldable phones could mean creating and recreating content using different aspect ratios.

All in all, the concept is great and fresh, but the public is not ready for the foldable phone. It can turn heads, but it’s still not worth the purchase. James P. DeVellis

Should Sony really release the PS5 sooner?

The rumors that had been swirling online of Sony’s imminent release of its PlayStation 5 have already been confirmed by the Japanese gaming industry giant. In a 2018 corporate summit, Sony president Kenichiro Yoshida said that the current PS4 is entering the final phase of its life cycle. This effectively confirms that the next-generation Sony hardware is already in the works, says tech enthusiast James P. DeVellis.

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But talks that the PS5 is slated for release at the tail-end of 2019 is seen by many industry experts as too soon. While the new console will surely wow gamers with unparalleled graphics, an early release may be pre-emptive, especially at a time when game-streaming services are on the rise. Whether or not the PS5 can match or overtake the success of the PS4 is in question.

In fact, as of the December 31st of last year, Sony says that it has sold 91.6 million units of the PS4, and a November 2018 report claims that the console accounts for nearly half of all consoles in use worldwide. The PS5 may have to wait, given the continuing popularity of the console’s current iteration.

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To be fair, Sony has good leverage as far as its readiness for VR or virtual reality gaming is concerned. The company already has a huge catalog of VR titles which should really shine with the much-improved computing and graphic powers of the PS5.

Maybe Sony is also wary that rival Microsoft will beat it to the punch, with the next Xbox slated for early 2020. In any case, whether the PS5 hits the stores earlier than expected, backward-compatibility of upcoming PS5 games should be a priority for Sony if it’s to keep its loyal fans happy, adds James P. DeVellis.

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What’s it like outside? The best weather apps available

I’m James P. DeVellis, and if you’re anything like me, you probably spend a lot of time fiddling around with your electronic gadgets. I’m what you might call a technophile and I love going to tech conventions, looking at what the latest releases by the biggest companies in the world.

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Last month, most of the United States experience quite a winter, with the polar vortex hammering temperatures down to record lows. Because of this, I thought it interesting to look up a few weather apps to help people who have plans to go and stay outdoors.

Here are some of the best weather apps that are James P. DeVellis-approved.

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a weather app as highly-rated as OneLouder’s 1Weather. It’s hourly (and daily) forecasts are incredibly helpful, especially for people who’ve already gone outside. Navigating the app is a pleasant experience, plus it has widgets! Who doesn’t love widgets?


It’s only natural that a weather site as popular as would come out with its own app. The Accuweather app is extremely dependable as all its information comes from the main site. It has radar and Android Wear support, and can also predict weather by the minute.

Carrot Weather

While not quite as established as the first two apps on this list, Carrot Weather is one entertaining weather app. There are quotes both witty and sarcastic that accompany its forecasts. It has widgets where a user can read up to 70 years-worth of weather history, as well as huge changes in global weather.

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The most anticipated smartphones in 2019

The speed of smartphone evolution is constantly on a high, and 2019 brings in new models that tech fans are sure to look out for. IT expert and tech consultant James P. DeVellis lists down examples of some anticipated smartphone releases this year.

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Samsung Galaxy S10X: Samsung has been proving its efficiency and might with their Galaxy S line, and 2019 is about to see the launch of Galaxy S10X. It features a 6.7-inch display with a ceramic back in lieu of glass. Tech blogs have been saying that there will be three rear and two front cameras, 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage.

Motorola Razr: James P. DeVellis thinks that Motorola is paving its comeback by reintroducing the its famous handset, Razr, on February. According to the Wall Street Journal, the smartphone will be released in a limited time exclusively on Verizon and is said to cost $1,500.

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LG Folding Phone: While LG is not known for its smartphone technology, the company is expanding its handset horizon with the release of LG folding smartphone. It will have a flexible OLED display for a heightened screen display experience.

Samsung Galaxy F: It is believed that Samsung will finally unveil its first foldable smartphone after revealing its first prototype in November last year. It will have a 7.3-inch display that reveals itself when unfolded, with a display on the outside measuring 4.6 inches.

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Make the most out of your Spotify streaming with these tricks

Spotify is probably my favorite music streaming service. It’s easy to navigate and it allows me to explore the discography of my favorite artists. If you love streaming your music through the platform all day, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to discover these tricks:

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Create a folder for your playlists
I usually use Spotify on desktop when I’m in the office to save my phone’s battery. Since I have more than twenty playlists (a lot, I know!), I was pleased to learn that I can make folders that will make my feed more organized. To do this, just go to the file tab and just click on “New Playlist Folder”. These days I have a folder for my playlists in each genre. Sounds neat, huh?

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Follow your Discover Weekly playlist
The Spotify bots follow your listening preferences and craft a weekly playlist of stuff you might like. The Discover Weekly playlist contains thirty songs that you might want to save. Before you lose any of your potential favorites, right click and follow the playlist so you don’t have to find it in your Home page.

Share your favorite song on Instagram Stories
Music can sometimes make our days better. If you want to share with others the track that you’ve been enjoying, you can now share them on Instagram Stories. Gone are the days of screenshots. On your phone or tablet, click the three dots on top of the track page, look for the Share option and choose Instagram Stories. What’s so great about this is that your friends can follow your suggestion and play the track from their own devices.

Recover a deleted playlist
Want to restore a playlist that you’ve wrongfully deleted from your feed? No worries. Go to the Account Settings tab on your browser and look for the Recover Playlists tab. It’s that easy.

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