Mobile phones that still have a place in your heart

What mobile phone models have you owned in your life? We’re sure you’ve loved a few of those more than others. That’s the thing with mobile phones. Even with the most innovative ones coming out nowadays, people still reminisce about the ones they’ve had through the tough times, the phones that have stood the test of being dropped time and again. Even with all the mobile phones that have been released, only a handful have truly been sentimental favorites.


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The celebration and hype that came along with the announcement a year ago about the rerelease of the Nokia 3310 was very much deserved. When the 3310 came out, absolutely everyone loved it. It did what it was supposed to do, and it was one of the toughest and most commercially successful phones in the market, with a battery that lasted forever. Even until today, memes are still being made in its honor.

Speaking of icons, the Apple iPhone is every bit as iconic as the next iconic phone. However, it’s the 3G version of this baby that sent hearts pounding with excitement as it introduced the feature that changed the landscape of the smartphone industry forever: the App Store. Without apps, smartphones were just really expensive toys. With apps, however, they were objects of limitless boundaries, powerful computers that fit in your hand.


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