Top three reasons you need to back up your data

We live in the day where technology is so reliable we stop thinking about it because everything just works. But computing devices are all subject to malfunction at some point. And worse, when we least expect them. That’s why we need to back up our data.

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If you still haven’t back up your files, here are three reasons you need to it now:

Hard drives go bad

So, you spent all your week on your laptop working on a major project or transferring all your precious photos and digital music collection to your desktop. Basically, you stored all your important files and documents in your ever-reliable computer. However, your trusty laptop is fragile, and its hard drive can get corrupted. And once your hard drive crashes, there’s a slim chance you can get your files back.

Your device can get lost or stolen

Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it never will. These things happen when you least expect them. When you have a backup, at least it won’t be as bad.

Computers get infected with malware

A malicious software program can infect your computer and stay there undetected until the perpetrator activates it and wreaks havoc on your system. Recovering from a malware infection is so complex it’s easier to just start with a clean slate. That’d be a no-brainer decision if you had a backup of your files.

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You didn’t know your iPhone could do that

It’s jaw-dropping when you think of all the things Apple has put into their iPhones. A majority of iPhone owners and users know only half of the functionalities hidden within the magnificent device. Here are a few of amazing things you can do with your iPhone that you can show your friends.

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1.You can check all the places you’ve visited since you had the phone. Just check the settings, privacy, location services, system services, and frequent locations.

2.You can customize your iPhones performance. For example, iPhone 4S users can get rid of any stutters by reducing transparency and increasing contrast. This can be achieved by accessing settings, general, and accessibility.

3.One of the more impressive things you can do on the iPhone is have it work without using the power button. When you go to settings, general, and accessibility, simply turn on the AssistiveTouch feature. Although this is only recommended when the power button isn’t working.

4.If you explore and experiment with the Accessibility Shortcut at the bottom of the accessibility settings, you can customize the action of the iPhone and choose what it does when you push the home button thrice.

5.Swiping the iPhone screen with two or three fingers allows you close several apps at the same time.

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